The Vatsalya Foundation visualises a world, which provides every child an enabling environment to develop to their full potential as an individual, without any discrimination and ensuring their basic rights.


Every child is born with an inherent capacity to grow, and develop as responsible individuals in mainstream Society. It is our duty to see that their potential is tapped and channelized to the optimum extent.


They are children in care of need and protection, aged between 7 to 18 years, fleeing from environments of conflict, ill-treatment and despair. Drawn to the glitter of city life, their dreams of hope become nightmares. Rejected by Society, deprived of their rights, these children are plagued by low self-esteem and suffer from depression and a basic mistrust of adults…pursue high – risk, self-destructive behavior, a process towards criminalisation.

The Vatsalya Foundation’s Unique contribution / Role is based on the united nations standards

TVF has been consistently working at building its own standards based on the Rights of the Child and Protection, Name and Nationality, Nutrition, Education, Health, Empowerment, Family Life, Play, Equal treatment, and Emergency Assistance. Through direct intervention with the children on the streets, day care center, shelter home and youth group home a regular follow has been maintained along with a planned rehabilitation process and in many cases there has been a consistent success in repatriation to the family and mainstreaming the child back to society.


The Vatsalya Foundation has set certain standards that have stood out in the process of intervention by its social workers and para-professions on the field. TVF has always stressed on a sense of commitment along with a fresh breath of creativity and compassion that flows with every action and planned intervention, which involves the child at various levels.

Tvf’s child development programme

To Nurture
and set free

To address the needs and problems of children by providing opportunities for education, vocational training, employment, and recreation for their growth and development through Counselling and Direct Intervention

To Network

To liaison with Government agencies like the Police, BMC to mobilize community resources and to coordinate and network with voluntary organizations to address the issue and to bring about policy changes

To understand
and probe deeper

To understand, analyse and conduct research studies on the social, economic, physical and emotional needs of vulnerable children and related issues

To Advocate

To spread awareness and elicit understanding among the general public about the concerned issue. To advocate on behalf of the children and enable them to raise their own voices towards fulfillment of their rights