THE VATSALYA FOUNDATION joyfully invites you with your friends and family to do on 14th February 2015.

A time to join the children of THE VATSALYA FOUNDATION on their common Birthday celebration.

The Celebration would begin with cake ceremony, From 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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Latest Events & Inverventions
  • Celebration with Celebrities
    Imran Khan and Akshay Kumar visits in Vatsalya
  • Playground set-up at Shahpur
    Kids enjoying playground set-up at Shahpur Anganwadi Centre
  • Ganesha Festival Celebration
    Our Eco-friendly Ganesha Festival Celebration
  • Birthday party celebration
    Birthday party celebration with magic show at Vatsalya
  • Kids performing Aarti of Ganesh
Celebration with Celebritiesr

The children at Vatsalya are very happy to interact with visitors, adults and children alike. Their frankness and love disarms the visitors within a few minutes. The visitors at Vatsalya often celebrate their special occasion with children, which are platform for our children to present their talents and interact with them.

Imran Khan visits Vatsalya on Christmas eve

Akshay Kumar dances with children

Recent Happenings

Kids enjoying riding in their new playground set-up at Shahpur Anganwadi Centre

Recent Happenings

Our Eco-friendly Ganesha Festival Celebration

Recent Happenings

Birthday party celebration with magic show at Vatsalya

Recent Happenings

Kids performing Aarti of Ganesh

12 May 2015
Education Interventions
Education is given utmost importance in our approaches. Workers try to enroll children in formal schools as well ....
23 Jun 2015
Health & Nutrition Interventions
Children need nutritious food apart from safe and open environment for their full growth. Children also require medical attention for ....
03 Aug 2015
Counseling Interventions
Counselling is an integral part of all approaches of work with children at Vatsalya having the objectives of helping children deal ....
26 Sep 2015
Creative Expressions Interventions
Through art & craft activities the younger children learn mind-body coordination and develop capacity to pay attention while for ....

The Secret of Happy Children

IN THE PAST YEAR, KINDNESS SUPPORTED PROGRAMS THAT SERVED OVER 700,000 CHILDREN IN 23 COUNTRIES. Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing. Maecenas fermentum tristique dolor sed congue.

Our Approaches

The Vatsalya team members reach out to children, new and old, at various contact points on the streets, pavements, railway station platforms, market places, theatres, places of tourist and religious interest ....

Contact Centers

A Contact Center is a place close to the child's place of stay or work where a child can drop in for few hours to be with the caring adult, utilize certain facilities and to participate in the ongoing educational, recreational and developmental ....

Shelter Home

The Shelter Home is a safe and secure place to grow for the children who have an oppressive home environment. The children are gradually introduced to structured and disciplined life through a constructive group living experience ....

Group Home

Youth above the age of 18 years may need support till they become fully independent and are ready to become part of the mainstream society. These youth may be pursuing higher education and simultaneously working as well ....

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