Our Stories

Case Studies

Learning the importance of saving money!

Children on the street have no place to keep their money safely. Therefore they tend to consume all the money they have. Almost all of them ahve gone through the experience of losing their money to street bullies or a thief. One of the sessions that is conducted a few times a year is the session on 'saving'. When such a session is conducted using stories coupled with practical solutions, we see change in the behaviour of the children. Mansoor (name changed) is a 14 year old boy who comes to our South Mumbai Centre. After he participated in the session on saving, he started saving small amounts of money at the centre. As he started trusting the system and our team-members his savings become higher and regular. He plans to withdraw the money on to Eid to buy cloths and food.

The healing touch

Our team at the centres keeps a close watch on the attendance of children coming to the centre. If a child fails to come to the centre for a few days, the team members meet the child on the street to find out the reason. When Imam (name changed), 12 years of age, suddenly stopped coming to our South Mumbai Centre, our team members went to the area where he stays with his family. They found that Imam had met with an accident while crossing the street and was in sever pain. He was taken to J.J. Hospital for treatment by our team members. He started recovering after the treatment and now comes to the centre regularly. Imam and his family now know how to get treatment from government hospitals.

Each and every child has a right to go to school

At Vatsalya we believe that each and every child must be enrolled in school and be able to exercise his/her right to education. Shyamm (name changed) is a 13 year old boy living on the streets near Gol Devel in C.P. Tank area with his family. He comes to our South Mumbai Centre with his two younger brothers. He didn't go to school as he was supposed to take care of his brothers. Our team members discussed this with his family and convinced them of enrolling all three brothers to school. The brothers were then admitted to Durgadevi Municipal School. They are very happy to attend the school regularly.